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A group where all the employees & non- emps can unite and network, to talk about the clothes, the models, to find out what song was playing in the store with our playlists, if you hate A&F (though I can't see why, you are welcome to join too. We welcome your opinions but if you start attacking members you are out.), make new friends or just for total BS. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Lucky Charms
SF Bay Area
Brand representative vs. models  topic
Do u love night club for fun?  topic
funny gays  topic
Fast interracial hookup for sexy black&white  topic
sugar daddy dating sexy baby  topic
Hawaii  topic
MIT interview  topic
Indian guy  topic
old ppls vs ripped jeans  topic
Dirty Looks From Customers  topic
Manager in Training (MIT) program  topic
Thesis help?  topic
PLAYLIST BETWEEN Jan. and Feb. 2009  topic
A&F December 2001 Playlist ...  topic
old playlists!!!! PLEASE!!  topic
I need like every playlist from 2004-2009  topic
Abercrombie Outlet Store  topic
Abercrombie Rap  topic
attn: people who work at af stores.  topic
More MIT questions....  topic
Necklaces?  topic
ANF Playlist December 2009  topic
Where can I find the song? Spiritus Domini - R...  topic
Age limit for MIT's?  topic
Manager in Training for A&F  topic

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